Thursday, May 21, 2009

Network Marketing - Your Mindset is everything to your Business

This is something I should have learned from both school and from my mentors. Not trying to antagonize them but they should have reinforce this lesson for it is the most important lesson of all when in network marketing. in fact, I believe that this lesson is important in anything and everything that you do in life. You have to have or establish a clear positive mindset when you're in network marketing, niche marketing, or any kind of marketing! Let us explore the reasons together, and towards the end of this post I will demonstrate how I establish my own mindset to serve as an example for you to follow! :)

So, let me ask you a simple question... If you was told throughout your childhood by your parents, friends, or anyone at all, that you were a worthless sack of crap that could never amount to anything, and you actually believed them and, thus, came to the conclusion that you are what they said you were, do you think you would prosper in your network marketing business? Why or Why not?

I know that my answer would be NO YOU WON'T SURVIVE! Tell me, how can someone survive, or in fact, how can someone do anything or achieve anything if their self-image is poor, if their self-esteem is low? You might be wondering what is this stuff I am saying and what does it got to do with your network marketing. Well, Mindset, to me, is related to self image, and Mindset is EVERYTHING in network marketing! Your mindset is what keeps you from throwing the towel in your network marketing, when you feel as though you are not successful in being able to generate leads or make a living off the internet. Without a positive mindset, why bother with network marketing? Because people need their ideal leaders to help them solve their problems fast, people tend to look at your mindset, simply by the way you behave online. So, before you get started in network marketing, or while you are in it, try to establish a positive mindset!

Here is how I establish my Mindset:
  • First I try to relax by finding a comfortable quiet place. I usually lay down when relaxing, listening to soft soothing music!
  • Any thought that comes up to mind, I notice and let them go, for I focus on relaxing.
  • Then, I think of a time where I felt great! I mean, really GREAT! Or I imagine feeling great!
  • I tighten my fist to anchor that great feeling, and then say positive affirmations to myself.
That is it! I hope you've enjoyed my post! Please Leave your feedback or any questions that might come up and I would gladly appreciate it! Thanks, and see you soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Best To Get Internet Network Marketing Leads

Apparently there are many ways to get internet network marketing leads. Different network marketing gurus will claim to have their proprietary leads generation methods.

I don’t have any proprietary leads generation methods. But I do know some effective ways to get internet network marketing leads and I’m going to discuss some of them here.

1) Just Advertise

Almost all internet network marketing companies have their standard lead capture squeeze page. If your company doesn’t have one, run away from it.

The easiest way to get quick networking marketing leads is to advertise the lead capture page in ‘established’ lead generation websites.

I’ve seen many of my customers (my advertisers) getting good response using this simple method.

One warning is that if your network marketing company is a popular one, this method will not be effective. This is because the lead capture page has been overused. Fresh and interesting lead capture page usually can generate better response.

2) Create Your Own Lead Capture Page

As I said, fresh and interesting lead capture page usually can generate better response. So instead of relying on your company’s standard promotion tools, why not create your own lead capture page?

Of course, in order to create one, you need to learn copywriting, basic html etc.

3) Use Funded Proposal Concept

This is by far the BEST way to get internet network marketing leads.

The idea of funded proposal is to charge your prospect upfront before selling them the actual backend product.

If this is the first time you heard of this term, you may wonder why these prospects are so stupid. Who in the right mind will pay for something upfront knowing that they will be asked to buy other things later on?

If you have such a doubt, wait till you see the example below……

Example - A $10 Internet Marketing Course

Will you pay an ‘experience’ internet marketer $10 for a half-day course teaching you how to make money online?

Many people will.

During the course, the marketer will ‘really’ teach you some good internet marketing skills and at the same time show you a good business opportunity that he is making money with.

See the idea?

The $10 fee will help to offset for his advertising cost. These prospects are in a way paying him to sell them.

4) Give Away A Book, Audio CD or DVD

Giving away free ebook for leads generation is becoming old school. Advanced marketers are now giving away a real book, Audio CD or even DVD. The cost of production is negligible but the perceived value is much higher. The response is hence higher.

5) Brand Yourself As A Guru

You must have seen some internet network marketing gurus online. They sell products to teach you how to make lots of money from internet network marketing.

This is another typical example of funded proposal, where they sell you their products upfront and then their network marketing opportunity subsequently.

Anyone can be a guru. It all depends on how you position yourself.